What the Youth Calendar 2023 should look like!

By Bazio Doreen

Whether you started this year on a good note or a bad one, the year will roll and you will be expected to live life as it comes. Whether you started this year in a church or a holy ground OR in the bar celebrating your milestones as you watch fireworks; the days of the year will remain the same. On the 365th day later this year, what will matter is how you faced the challenges that you encountered. But be sure not to be the one that will have no achievement to celebrate! So how then can you ensure that you won’t be among those grumbling?

Learn a skill

The list of skills this life offers is insatiable, you just have to choose which one will be the most relevant to you. But do remember to make the right choice because all skills are indeed very important. Don’t do it for your friends, for competition, to show off, or for status updates. Do it because you have a passion to grow and want your life to have meaning. There are a number of sites and platforms online for all sorts of art and skills – you just have to be curious enough.

Hard work as a priority

Make your academic or career journey more than just a ritual; let it be the reason why you wake up every morning and want to keep safe. Let your graduation be more than an opportunity to take pictures for your ‘haters’. Career people and business gurus have one thing in common, they all love what they do and it fulfills them.

Discover your talent

We are told that we were all made in the image of God. If God is so talented, why then can’t we be? You must aspire to be an inspiration in your life. Sometimes, we think talent is what attracts attention and brings in money and yet talent could simply be defined as what you can do better than others. In an era where specialization is becoming a norm, strive to be among the ‘crème de la crème’. Unless of course, you don’t have ten fingers and ten toes in addition to a brain that works 24 hours like the rest. Whatever happened the phrase disability is not inability. Always remember that we are all equal in the eyes of God and society. The only difference between all human beings is their belief in themselves to grab opportunities. Be the one that tries!


Show me the people around you and I could guess your character. Your network could be your net worth. But only if you make the effort to transition it. If your network can’t make you grow, it is about time you cut it off or it will be the reason you will always be compared to your mates who will appear to be better. Of course, your opinion of self-worth is important, but let it be one that always ends in praise.


There is always a blessing in serving others. It may even be in the simplest form of helping those around you. Don’t be the one that always grumbles about how your leader or the government isn’t doing enough. Do your part in making a contribution to nation-building. Not that positive criticism is a crime, but don’t be like the bad workman who constantly blames his tools. Contribute as much as you criticize.


One of the best lessons I have learned in life is not to exaggerate my self-worth. Always reflect and have an improvement plan. Even the bible guides us that we should slow to anger. Emotional intelligence and maturity are virtues that need to be learned early in life for a long peaceful life. While people underrate peace of mind, it contributes a lot to the outlook people have on life and determines their attitude towards the challenges that come along. All the men of God were quick to make revelations of how this year is going to turn out. But I bet they didn’t show you how your life will turn out this year. The simple reason is that heaven has no seats for lazy people and God would want those that know the stretch of his power not to stretch it in the name of faith.






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