Digital Tech Boot Camp

The Digital tech boot camp was an intensive training opportunity for young people with basic computer knowledge to learn programming languages and build products to solve local challenges. And also to fully understand the functionalities of knowledge sharing software/ applications like GitHub, develop websites for information sharing. All successful trainees will become mentors to others who shall be recruited to expand the network of #ASKnet peers.

The program was executed through intensive daily training and practice from Monday to Friday with a hands-on computer approach to learn the basics of programming languages to the details of web development, app development and use of a variety of collaborating open-source software.

We collaborated with other partners for knowledge sharing purposes       through training sessions conducted by the experts from other Hubs like KasiryeLabs Kampala.


The participants also build   a site that helps to publish stories about refugees to the world and relay relevant contents to refugees.

The outcome was;

  • The participants were able to develop basic websites,
  • They were able to publish content on the WordPress
  • Participants Demonstrate excellent use of open-source documentation and collaborating software e.g. GitHub

The training was attended by 9 participants from the refugee youth, 4 ladies and 5 gentlemen.

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