Fighting Online Fraud Against Refugees In Adjumani.

By Bazio Doreen

A wise man once said that ‘Curiosity pulls people into scams’. When Frank Stallone coined the phrase, he didn’t know that in many years to come, advances in technology would indeed drive curiosity while making many online users vulnerable to scams because of the enticing false promises that come along. One such vulnerable group because of the nature of the life they find themselves in; are the refugees living in Uganda’s various camps and settlements.

In efforts to save many youths from such scams due to widespread unemployment, Youth Empowerment Foundation, Adjumani (YEF) will be conducting a series of training not only about fraud but how to use the internet safely in a constructive way. To complement the seasonal Digital Boot Camps where we teach young people basic ICT skills, YEF conducted 5 days of training on how to stay safe from online fraud.

Here are some of the testimonies from participants who attended the first session that ran from 28th November 2022 to 2nd December 2022:

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